Aug 22, 2009

Ayhan Doyuk and the final Truth

Dear friends:

A message arrive to my hands, but not by coincidence. During many years I had been following the path of this man who since the beginning captured my attention because of the miraculous remedy for this planet he offered.

After reading the message, and probe that it came from a reliable source, I mean from Ayhan Doyuk and his real team, and after reading it and understanding finally which had been the big complot manufactured against him by a lady called Terry Welch in USA, I decided to write my own history. Maybe it can clear some inocent minds who could be misleaded by such a lady trapped in the net of the spider she makes using the tools of the Internet.

As my history is quite long, I will be posting it in several parts.

I will appreciate your comments, or if you offer new inputs that I gladly will post, which can help to clear all this black game plotted by this lady and her associates against Ayhan Doyuk.

I am quite sure that she is not alone. There are too many incoherences in all her story as to believe she is alone. For me she is only a puppet in some other hands who is the one really managing the marionet theater and using her for other purposes, evidently not good. And maybe she is not even aware of it since the dark hands work efficiently, specially nowadays with all the technology available to make mind control and which specially touchs weak or sick minds like her.

But not for it she is less guilty. No, by the contrary, she is totally responsible for what she is doing, is happening and had been happening against Ayhan all these years since the day she appeared on scene and started her destructive plan.

She is one of the biggest criminals against this planet and the human race since she had been trying to destroy, mislead and block such a wonderful technology from its real origin -Ayhan Doyuk-, and from which she knows nothing except a couple of pseudo-scientific words that clearly she copies from the original site of Ayhan Doyuk.

Probes that she is totally fake and that what she claims is a total lie? many.

Have you heard in all these years that she made one conference, symposia, lectures in Universities, etc. as Ayhan Doyuk publically does all over the world since many years up to day? no never because she knows nothing.

Can she talk openly about this technology and be exposed to answer to the many questions that the audience use to do, specially with specialized audience like scientist and professors as Ayhan does? no of course no because she is the creator of nothing except lies, tales and fake stories.

Can she lead a project a bring it to the end with success? no because she has not the technology she claims to own? And the most amazing is how many are fooled in her trapp.

I had been having the oportunity to interview several people from that time who were part of the story and their testimony is totally different from the ones she published. She writes only nonsense words who many can do.

But, as well as I had been having he opportunity to interview to the many who saw, experience and use this technology from Ayhan Doyuk ... and I found consistency and reality in it.

Then for me is so clear as water. Who tells the truth: Terry Welch, the ones who only write garbage on the Internet using even the private pictures of a little girl, who accordingly to her own information and story should not be little any more? (It is ashamed how she is using her own child for her malignant purposes),


Ayhan, who makes real actions, proben by many around the world?

Definately I believe Ayhan.

In one thing I am not in agreement with him and it is that he had been so silent for many years. Too many for me, until now that he decided to publish that letter which motivated me and launched my wish to publish this blog.

I hope to have the opportunity to ask this question personally to him and be sure that I will publish his answer. I am quite sure that many are asking themselves the same question.

Maybe you are asking yourself why I am doing this, travelling around the world to find the original sources of the story. Well, because I have the finantial possibilities to do it, because I know that what Ayhan Doyuk is doing is really good and real, because I know that what she is saying is a total lie coming from an insane mind and because I feel that in this way I am doing my part to make this planet free. As Ayhan says: my duty.

Lets start with something that is almost of all known. The creation of the original website:

But after some time that he published in that site his technology and briefly explained about it, appeared some changes on the stage which for sure I knew were not coming from him. That catched more my attention since I wanted to really know what was going on.

Then my search for the Truth began.

Going a little bit back for you to understand better.

I met him by the first time in Istanbul, Turkey on the middle 90's, and after it we had the opportunity to met some other times over the pass of the years in which we had the opportunity to share point of view, visions and dreams. Thus I was invited for a conference he was going to present in Istanbul on the 99.

Of course that I accepted the invitation from Ayhan's office, not only because I knew that would be a pleasure to be in touch again with a real gentleman, but because I love that city plenty of charm and beauty.

So, I took my plane, assisted to the conference, met many people, I was very pleased to met him again, and I had the oportunity this time to met also some of his real team. All nice turkish guys plenty of proud and smiles because of the work they were doing with Ayhan, as well as to some other persons from all over the world. With some of them I am still in contact.

I came back home, France, some days after the earthquake which fortunately didn't let any bad memory, for me personally.

During the conference, I must confess that I couldn't understand some kind of secrecy and extrange movement done from a little group of people coming from USA. They were asking the assistants to talk with them aside, they did it also to me but I refused because I didn't feel confortable with the situation and I felt something wird going on.

So, I dedicated myself to observ more carefully and ask, to find the ways to know who them and what they were doing there and why.

To be continued..........